May 15, 2021

Episode #24 "Never Pull Out : Choose Life" (Part 2/2 of Epi 23)

Episode #24


Welcome back to another episode On As The Rotor Turns!




Part 1 of 2 episode description is at the bottom to refresh your memory of last week's episode before picking up where we left off. Enjoy!

If you listened to last week's episode, you know that Jason Rivera begins sharing his experience as a paramedic in the Amazon Rain Forest in Bolivia with world-renowned snake expert, Graham ‘Dingo’ Dinkelman. During this particular expedition, Jason was a crew member on the History Channel hit series "Kings of Pain". Let us start with the importance of shedding light on the way Dingo approaches life before we dive any deeper. He isn't just some crazy guy with a death wish that just happens to love snakes. His courage and compassion for all living creatures allow him to find ways to bring a unique and critical awareness to the natural world and its intrinsic capability of providing for humankind. Dingo has an amazing support system within his family. His wife Kristy, and, their three kids, Taylor, Maddy, and Josh are well aware of the dangers presented to Dingo on a regular basis. But this is what he loves. This is his purpose. This is what makes him the greatest husband and father that he can be. By living in his purpose, he can be the best at anything he does, and this benefits everyone. Even though Dingo wasn't here tonight, he affected us all through Jason, and that was awesome.

The better we understand the natural world, the less we have to be afraid of it, and the more we can begin to recognize its absolute beauty and universal purpose in the grand scheme of things. Snakes, spiders, sharks, and creatures of the sort, are constantly targeted with destructive and uninformed action. The more dangerous the creature, the greater we will threaten its existence.

Thank you Dingo, and anyone else that goes to the extreme to bring awareness to this small, dark, often neglected, and sometimes lonely corner of the animal kingdom. You are all appreciated.


*Ryan's Additional Thoughts, Notes, & Opinions

  1. Justin does have shoulders.
  2. The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.
  3. Never pull I.V., unless you're certain that you should.
  4. All snakes bite, and they kill in 1 of 3 ways. 1. Venom 2. Constriction 3. Anaphylaxis
  5. The Rescue Company 1 will eventually be able to go pick up Dingo in one of our helicopters the next time he goes into Anaphylaxis somewhere in the remote world.
  6. "My anaconda don't, my anaconda don't..."


*Last Episode Description Below :

Episode #23 (Part 1 of 2) "Damn-Dingo, That's a Big Snake"


Welcome back to another episode of As The Rotor Turns! This is going to be another 2 part episode. We had a ton of fun with this episode and we had an amazing guest star bless us with his presence, Jason Rivera! Jason is a team member of ours that humbly slips between the cracks and somehow avoids being front and center. However, Jason is integral to the team, he's a wealth of knowledge, and has a ton of Worldly experience that he shares with us today. Jason has traveled the World as a member of the "Kings Of Pain" TV series crew as a paramedic, snake expert, and as the space that lies right between where the rubber meets the dirt road. Let's give Jason a round of applause as he tells us the story about when he administered the entire stock of Epinephrine to snake totin' fella that we'll call Damn-Dingo.

Cheers mates! Thanks for being here!