Welcome to "As The Rotor Turns" (ATRT) Podcast. ATRT was created by The Rescue Company 1 (TRC1). TRC1 is a medical training and education company based out of Orlando, Florida. We provide training that covers and overlaps multiple realms of patient care. If you work in the pre-hospital setting, the emergency department, or ICU we have tons of amazing training opportunities for you to explore. Don't feel left out if you weren't mentioned above. We've got great training for just about anyone who works in the medical field. The core of our curriculum revolves around fast-paced hands-on training in critical care transport, flight medicine & physiology, and Helicopter Search & Rescue. A little about us before we get started. We are professionals first and degenerates second. But we're always both. But more importantly, we're instructors and we're here to share our knowledge and experience with anyone willing to listen. So grab a drink, show up open-minded, and maybe you'll learn something. If you don't learn anything, hopefully, you're at least entertained and drunker than when you started. That's a win in our book. Cheers.