Feb. 13, 2021

Episode #12 A little Update Session

Episode #12 A little Update Session

Welcome back to another episode of As The Rotor Turns. Today Carlos and Ryan are gonna give you a few updates and fill you in on some recent endeavors and some upcoming fun.

This is the episode to catch if you really want to know exactly what we're up to right now. We've been traveling throughout Florida doing a lot of teaching lately. We've been conducting search and rescue training, preparing for another SAR INDOCTRINATION on February 22nd, we have an Air Medical Class coming up in April (sign up before the 1st of March to get some serious discounts), and a few other things. One of the cool new projects we're starting is a little side podcast with Ryan and Carlos, where Ryan reviews a movie that he should have already seen by this time in his life, but hasn't, and Carlos is going to pepper him with questions. These guys give you a little sample of what to expect from those future episodes during this podcast episode. Also, we have launched our "Patreon Page" and are currently creating the content that will be made available to you with the different subscription options. The Ryan's Movie Reviews will only be available to our supporters on Patreon.

You can access the Patreon Page via the website address below.


We are so fortunate to have the team we have, and just as fortunate to have the support from our industry and the support from our communities.

Thanks again for being here, and good day!